Anna Maria Island Florida

City of Anna Maria Parking Regulations – Avoid a Ticket!

Anna Maria Parking Regulations
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Anna Maria parking regulations are strictly enforced to ensure traffic moves through the city safely and with ease. While there may be limited available parking in the city of Anna Maria it is important to be mindful of laws to avoid getting a ticket.

City of Anna Maria Parking Regulations

The city of Anna Maria offers an explanation of local parking laws. They also have information about what to do if you are cited with a ticket here.  Parking laws are straight forward and coincide with parking laws you’ll find just about anywhere in Florida.

The following is an outline of reasons you may be ticketed:

  1. Signs Prohibit Parking
  2. Parking on sidewalk
  3. Parking on street (all tires must be off of the pavement)
  4. Parked facing the wrong direction
  5. Angle Parking
  6. Parked within 30′ of stop sign
  7. Parked within 20′ of intersection
  8. Double Parked
  9. Blocking Driveway
  10. Parked between 10 p.m. – 6 a.m.
  11. Handicapped parking only

When you park your vehicle be sure to follow all signage. Look around the area to be sure you see all posted signs. While visiting an Anna Maria Island rental it’s best to check the maximum amount of cars permitted at a property. This is a great way to avoid parking issues. The city of Anna Maria does not offer places to park vehicles over night.

Where to park

The city of Anna Maria allows parking along streets in areas where signs allow it, but be sure to keep your tires off roadways and sidewalks. You may find parking along Pine Avenue and Gulf Drive. Additional parking is available along the bay front beach areas along with Bay Front park. Some of the businesses offer their own private lots such as the Sandbar Restaurant. During events Cross Pointe Fellowship church on Gulf Drive offers free parking in their lot with trolley service taking you to the event areas typically on Pine Avenue. Find places to park with this handy guide.

Peppertree Lane
Park Avenue
North Shore between Pine and Coconut
The intersection of Fern and Jacaranda
Bay Boulevard
Bay Front Park
Magnolia Avenue
Palm Avenue
Palmetto Avenue
Willow Avenue
Mangrove Avenue

Alternative Transportation

When visiting Anna Maria you can avoid parking and traffic by utilizing the free trolley or cruising around by bike. The city of Anna Maria is a walk-able community with many things close by.