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No Zika Virus Anna Maria Island

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No Zika Virus Anna Maria Island. Monday, August 1st the Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued a travel warning for north Miami due to Zika. This travel warning advises pregnant women and their partners to avoid this region of Florida. There are currently two Counties in south Florida that have seen locally transmitted cases of Zika. Miami-Dade county has seen 14 cases, and Broward county has had 2 cases. All other cases of Zika have resulted from travel to places where Zika is being transmitted.

Manatee County No Zika Virus Anna Maria Island

The same day that the CDC announced a travel warning, the Florida Department of Health also announced Manatee Counties second case of Zika virus. Both Manatee County cases of Zika were due to travel, and not transmitted in the Manatee County area.

Anna Maria Island has no reported cases of Zika virus, and Manatee County is not part of any travel warnings.

Prevent Zika

If you are concerned about Zika virus wear bug repellant with 25% deet, and wear protective clothing. Help prevent Zika by eliminating any standing water you may find in your yard or home. Find additional information with this Zika Q and A.

Here is an interactive map to show you reported cases of Zika virus in Florida. This map shows both cases transmitted locally, and those contracted by traveling to infected areas.

No zika virus anna Maria Island
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