About Our Anna Maria Island, Florida Guide

Thanks so much for visiting AnnaMariaIsland.com our passion!

The vision is to make AnnaMariaIsland.com a travel planning resource for people looking for more meaningful local recommendations: things-to-do and places-to-see on Anna Maria Island.  If you want to get under the belly and dig a bit deeper please have a look around and see all the island has to offer.  There is more than just the best beach on the West Coast of Florida.

Basically, things you don’t want to miss when you visit the Island on your vacation or weekend trip.

The site is also a way to highlight businesses visitors and locals know and love.  That’s why we’re publishing lists of destinations and services.

The beaches and businesses we’ve included are local favorites as well as lists of activities, services, hotels and resorts, vacation rentals, and dining and nightlife to consider when planning your Florida vacation to Anna Maria Island.

Our focus is just Anna Maria Island.  If you’re looking at other great Florida travel deals and destinations, please check out the official Visit Florida website for visitor information.  I’ve checked out a bunch of travel-related social networks like Trip Advisor, Dopplr, OntheRoad, Couch Surfer and Sharetrip but either they don’t have much about the Island or include only brochure-ware tourist destination information that you’ll find on your own if you were to drive around the Island.

Our goal is to expand the listings to include places you may not run into as well as your favorites, photos, and recommendations.

Some ads are paid and others free, and hope all the spots listed practice what they preach.  We try to keep the content accurate and self reflecting of each establishment.

Think of us as your local tour guide who knows the do,s and don’ts when visiting Anna Maria Island.

While we’ve lived on the Island for many years, there are always a number of businesses starting out that need tourist support.  One our goals for AnnaMariaIsland.com is to work closely with new Island businesses, and offer them the best online exposure they can get through AnnaMariaIsland.com  We’ll profile businesses in an effort to increase their online visibility and share their passion for bringing you the best of Anna Maria Island.  If interested in paid placement please contact us directly.  We appreciate your business and the island visitors appreciate this local resource.

Please browse the site and feel free to give us your feedback. If you have a question, let us know how we can be of service.

We hope to see you on the Island.