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Anna Maria Island Florida City Pier Fishing Information

Anna Maria City Pier Fishing
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Are you looking for Anna Maria Island City Pier fishing information?

There are plenty of spots to fish on Anna Maria Island.  Many come to Anna Maria, Fl for the sun, the beach, and the fun.  Some come to Anna Maria for some serious fishing. There are three primary areas one can fish while visiting Anna Maria Island.   Of course people fish on the island.  Off piers, off canals, and off bridges provide fair fishing. Fishing in the Bay provides for more entertainment as well as more consistent results.  Finally, many go deep sea fishing into the Gulf of Mexico.

There are lots of spots to fish while staying on Anna Maria Island.  You can reserve a canal property and fish right off the canal although results are pretty inconsistent.  If you need some help finding a vacation rental be sure to visit Anna Maria Island’s leading vacation rental company for real time accurate on-line availability.

Many reserve canal front properties and bring down their boat and head out into the waters on their own.  Lastly you can pick up a canal vacation rental and RENT a boat for $800 – $1500 per week.  In fact, Island Real Estate of Anna Maria Island, Inc has a special offer that if you rent a canal property and a boat you will receive a 5% discount off the boat rental.

Fishing the Piers on Anna Maria Island

Fishing can also be had on the public pier in Anna Maria City or on the Rod and Reel pier.  The Rod and Reel pier charges a small fee to fish and will supply bait if needed.  Net fishing can be used up to a certain point on both piers and is clearly labeled.  There are fishing stations supplied with water if you need to cut up bait or big catch.  On my last visit to the public pier I saw a big one get away and one side was filled with young local boys fishing for shark.

I thought different about the boys fishing after I spoke to several other fishermen that were fishing for shark also.  One had caught a bull shark about an hour prior and threw him back because he was told it was not good eating.  Please note, both the Anna Maria City pier and the Rod and Reel pier are not young child friendly as there is no fence enclosing the pier.  Of course both piers in Anna Maria City can double for lunch or dinner also in the restaurants at the end of the pier.

Fishing Bradenton Beach Pier

Bradenton Beach has fishing on the pier also.  At the East end of Bridge street just past Anna Maria Oyster Bay you will find plenty of people fishing.  I have personally witnessed fish being caught at the end of the pier however they were all thrown back due to their size.  At the base of the pier there is a new bait shop that should help with what the fish are biting on.  The Bradenton pier is perfect for the whole family with convenient fishing pole holes all along the fence line.  The pier is fully fenced in so it is more child friendly than the piers in Anna Maria City.  The Bridge street pier also has several swings that the family can sit on and watch the fun.

Fishing The Bridges

I also see several people fishing on any one of the draw bridges off the island as well as some of the smaller bridges along the causeway.  I have never spoken to anyone regarding their success rate however I have seen individuals on several occasions pulling nets with fish in them.  Most of the folks I see on the bridges are pretty serious as the traffic passing by is not usually a visitors idea of fun.

Bay fishing is also known as backwater fishing and is less expensive than deep sea fishing.  A good deal of the catch must be returned to the waters due to size however it is best to discuss specifics with guides you interview.  Most Bay guides have smaller boats and can accommodate about 3-5 passengers however once again check with the experts.  Backwater fishing guides do not have a crew and the cost is about $400 for 1/2 a day.

Off Shore Fishing

Gulf Fishing also known is as deep sea fishing and provides for more action and usually more time on the boat.  Obviously the longer the tour, the deeper the fishing.  Gulf Fishing requires a crew and the boats are larger and typically can accommodate 4-12 passengers.

In addition, you can expect larger tackle to support larger game that should be caught.  Most deep sea captains guarantee entertainment but not the amount of fish they will catch.  They all abide by bag limits and are concerned about keeping the sea healthy since is supports their livelihood.  The cost for deep sea fishing is $650 – $1000 and usually the more passengers the less cost per passenger.  A successful catch will include grouper, snapper, and bigger game.

Booking Fishing Charters on Anna Maria Island

All captains suggest booking ahead of time and Christmas week normally books out one year in advance as well as other popular holiday weeks.  Make no mistakes, I am a beginner when it comes to fishing so I strongly suggest you call Anna Maria local captains for additional information.  If you have additional information please post comments below as our readership will appreciate any added information you can provide.



  • Very nice blog. I grew up going to Anna Maria Island most weekends, to the beach and fishing. It is one beautiful and fantastic area. Great blog. All the best.

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  • Anna Maria Island is the perfect small beach community. There are many private places that access the beautiful beach here. The City Pier is a perfect place to relax, see nice people, and fish. The view is spectacular on the pier. You can also dine on great food at the restaurant, located at the end of the pier, and also enjoy cold draft beer at the bait shop. Anna Maria Island is truely a perfect destination. All the best.

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  • It has been far too long since I have been fishing off the end of the pier. Right now the wind is blowing the rain through the streets in the north of England. I would much rather be on the end of the pier catching a few more fish before tea.


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  • With such beautiful beaches and people loving to swim I wonder if pier fishing and shoreline fishing should be limited? When two shark attacks occur within two weeks both involving fishermen near or on Anna Maria it kind-of raises a red flag? One was a fisherman (a tourist) wearing hip or chest-waders who got bit by a shark after dumping his bait-bucket next to him! As a tourist myself this tells me swimming the beaches of Anna Maria might be out of the question! I’m not the type to take a chance! How easy is it to get a small scrape or small cut on the foot while swimming? Or maybe someone next to you? Not worth it!

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  • Hi Jes –

    We understand your concern, and have done a little research. According to the International Shark Attack File at the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville there have only been 5 attacks in Manatee County since the late 1880’s.

    Literally millions of swimmers have been in those same waters unharmed in the same time frame.

    By taking some standard environmental precautions, respecting that the ocean has always been home to sharks, and following some general safety rules is always a good practice.

    Don’t swim at feeding times. (Notoriously at dusk)

    Don’t release bait while in the water.

    One of the recent attacks occurred 7 miles off shore, while the victim was fishing for large fish, the other attack occurred when the fisherman released his bucket of bait in the same waters he had been fishing in.

    Millions unharmed over the past 100 years of statistics, only 5 attacks, and I would say those numbers speak in favor of beautiful beaches and tranquil Gulf swimming…

    Thanks for your comment.

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