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Historic Green Village Anna Maria Island

Add some history to your vacation with the Historic Green Village Anna Maria Island!

Vacationing on Anna Maria is always full of fun and family, but why not a little history too? Here on the island the Historic Green Village (HGV) is a fun place to explore while giving back to nature.

The Historic Green Village is on Pine Avenue in Anna Maria City

The HGV is one in only 100 places worldwide to reach platinum LEED and have a net zero campus. This means that the area is using as little energy as possible by maximizing Florida’s natural resources.

The HGV has houses over 100 years old that have had many important people stay in them including the Rosedale Cottage, Thelma by the Sea, the Sears Cottage, and the Pilsbury Home.

The founders of HGV Mike and Lizzie Thrasher discovered Anna Maria island when they were on vacation in 2005. They had traveled from Britain and instantly fell in love with the island. This soon led them to selling their successful baby food company in their hometown and use the money to create their own real estate business on the island.

The first renovation was Beach Bums, an island store that rents bikes, kayaks, and other equipment. After helping the store become eco-friendly, the Thrashers turned the business over to two local women.

The Thrashers have continued developing a more environmentally friendly place in hopes of keeping the island as beautiful as when they first saw it. Today the HGV has an art gallery, jewelry and gift shop, village bakery and an outfitters where outdoor equipment is sold.

Historic Green Village Anna Maria Island

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Anna Maria Island Not Affected by Florida Algae Outbreak

Anna Maria Island beaches remains pristine during the Florida algae outbreak crisis. While no algae is reported in Manatee County, conditions remain beautiful.

Florida algae outbreak

Martin, St. Lucie, Palm Beach and Lee are suffering from the outbreak. All of these areas are south of Anna Maria Island. The majority of the blue-green algae is on the Atlantic coast of Florida, while little is on the Gulf coast.

Florida counties map
St. Lucie, Martin and Palm Beach Counties are on the Atlantic Coast. Lee Count is on the Gulf coast south of Anna Maria Island, Manatee County.


The Blue-green algae in the four affected counties is described as a guacamole thick mat floating toward the waters surface. The algae has a putrid smell, and is also harmful to both people and wildlife.

A state of emergency is in affect in the four counties by Governor Rick Scott. High amounts of rainfall, high temperature, pollution and nutrient rich water cause the outbreak. The bloom originated in lake Okeechobee, and was spread to St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee Estuaries that lead out to coastal areas. Lake Okeechobee water was released to mitigate flooding. Subsequently, as the water made its way through the estuaries it brought the algae with it.

What is causing it?

Historically water from Lake Okeechobee in the center of the state makes its way south through the Everglades watershed. This is where it goes through a more natural filtering process. This historic process reduces the amount of algae. Water is moved to coastal estuaries for flooding risks per water management decisions.

South Florida Watershed Florida algae outbreak
Historic versus current watershed. Infograph courtesy of Miami New Times.


The Army corp of Engineers began reducing the amount of water released into the Caloosahatchee and St. Lucie Estuaries as of July 1, 2016 to help reduce the effects of the blue-green algae on coastal areas. The full impact of the algae bloom is still playing out.

With the devastating impact on the south Florida coastlines, Anna Maria Island has remained unaffected. It is north of Lake Okeechobee and the south Florida watershed.

If you are planning or have planned an Anna Maria Island vacation you are safe to swim. No reports of algae are in effect. Red tide is not currently around Manatee County during the bloom.

While on Anna Maria Island enjoy a gorgeous day on the beach!




Anna Maria Island Destination Beach Wedding

An Anna Maria Island destination beach wedding will please you and your loved one. Each year couples come from all over the world to exchange vows on”the beach wedding capital of Florida”. You will find planning your Anna Maria Island destination beach wedding a breeze. Not only is this a great spot for your ceremony, but its the perfect place for your honeymoon too!

Anna Maria Island destination beach wedding resources

The Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce has put together tons of beach wedding information. Not only do they list venues, but they offer a do’s and don’ts list perfect for any big day. Find photographers, florists, salon and spas, caterers and officiants on the Chamber website.

Beach wedding venues and vendors

The island offers several beach front locations for hosting your ceremony and reception. The list below offers five options.

The Sandbar restaurant
The Beach House restaurant
Gulf Drive Cafe and Tiki
The Studio at Gulf and Pine
Harrington House Bed and Breakfast

If you are looking to get married near Anna Maria Island The Seafood Shack in Cortez is yet another great waterfront option.

Planning your ceremony and reception at a residential Anna Maria Island location is not always ideal for all weddings. All three cities in Anna Maria Island have strict noise and occupancy rules making vacation rentals a poor option for large gatherings. However, Anna Maria Island vacation rentals are an excellent choice for your honeymoon, or accommodating members of your wedding party.

There are tons of great wedding vendors to choose from on the Island. These services offer a unique experience, and help you have a stress free day too. For a list of them check with the Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce website.

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Anna Maria Island Gulf Front Dining
Catching a sunset with Anna Maria Island Gulf front dining is a must!