Bridge Tender Inn

Since 1989, the Bridge Tender Inn has been a favorite for locals and tourists. This sports bar & grille has great food and drinks, as well as live music, a bar/lounge area with 18 TV screens for ultimate sports viewing, and an awesome dockside bar! Find out why everyone loves the BTI!

It's All About The Food & Sports

Two very important aspects to The Bridge Tender In (BTI) is food and sports. So if those are important to you as well, than this might be your new favorite spot. They're even pet friendly!

For food, on the menu are items like Shrimpcargot, Grouper Reuben, Baja Fish Tacos, and even a Roasted Duck (my fathers personal favorite) on the dinner menu. If you bring your four-legged friend along, check out the "Doggie Burger" on the menu. It is made just for the furry friends who visit BTI and is a burger patty that is chargrilled medium and stuffed with yellow rice. Everyone eats good here, even the pets! 

Lets not forget about the dockside bar. This is not attached physically to the restaurant, but it is right across the road and sits on the water. It's a really great place to grab a drink and relax while watching the boats sail by. 

Come by car, boat, or bike! 

Bridge Tender Inn & Dockside Bar

The Bridge Tender Inn Restaurant is located at the end of Bridge Street, before AMOB on The Pier and across the road from the Drift Inn. The Dockside Bar is across the road (Bay Dr S) on the side of the restaurant. 


135 Bridge St
Bradenton Beach, FL 34217
(941) 778-4849