Anna Maria Island FAQs

Anna Maria Island is the name for the barrier island to the West of Bradenton, Florida.  Anna Maria Island is 8 miles long and about 10 blocks wide.  The northern portion of the barrier island sticks out into the Tampa Bay and is Anna Maria City.  In the Center of the island is the widest point with intercoastal waterways to the East and the Gulf of Mexico to the West.  The Southern tip of Anna Maria Island is the narrowest portion of the island and is Bradenton Beach and is connected by draw bridge to the barrier island to our South known as Longboat Key.

Most locals love October, November and December for the light crowds found on Anna Maria Island and the cool balmy weather.  Locals love Anna Maria Island in the Summer because it is warm enough for us to enter the Gulf of Mexico as well as take a splash or two in the pool.  January through Easter can be a very busy time on Anna Maria Island as the weather approaches perfection.  All year long is a great time to visit the beach!

Many confuse the spelling of Anna Maria Island however our area is spelled with an "a" not an "e".  Therefore Anna Maria Island is correct while Anna Marie Island is not.  In addition, Anna Maria City is the correct spelling not Anna Marie City.  Anna Maria City is the most Northern City on Anna Maria Island.

For most locals our answer would be yes.  Anna Maria is normally referred to as Anna Maria City which is the most North portion of Anna Maria Island.  Anna Maria Island on the other hand is Bradenton Beach City, Holmes Beach City and Anna Maria City together.  Anna Maria Island are the three cities and the entire barrier island where Anna Maria City is the most Northern part of Anna Maria Island.

Be careful, Bradenton is on the mainland which is to the East of Anna Maria Island and is NOT on Anna Maria Island.  However Bradenton Beach is on Anna Maria Island and is the most Southern City on Anna Maria Island.

No, Cortez which is better known as Cortez village is to the East of Anna Maria Island on the mainland.  It can be reached by crossing the Cortez draw bridge at the Southern portion of Anna Maria Island which is Bradenton Beach.

Great question!  The quietest beach on Anna Maria Island can be found in Anna Maria City.  Bean Point is very quiet and at the most northern tip of Anna Maria Island.  Be careful, currents from the bay can be challenging so please keep an eye on basic swimmers if entering the Gulf of Mexico.  If you want to walk miles of beaches and grab a cocktail or bottled water during your walk then Holmes Beach City Beaches are a good bet as it is relatively easy to access the sand and surf in Holmes Beach.  If you are looking for shelling or want lots of choices of places to visit, shop and eat then Bradenton Beach is the best bet.  Coquina Beach has lots of facilities and plenty of parking if not renting on Anna Maria Island where a walk to the beach is just outside your back door.

No, Anna Maria Island can be accessed by vehicle.  There are three entry points on to Anna Maria Island by automobile.  The most Northern access point is across State Route 64 better known as Manatee Avenue across the Manatee draw bridge in Holmes Beach.  The Mid-Southern access point is across the Cortez draw bridge while the most Southern access point is along Gulf Drive over the draw bridge that connects Longboat Key with Bradenton Beach on Anna Maria Island.

Anna Maria Island has only a few hotels and the lion share of accommodations on Anna Maria Island are vacation rentals.  Anna Maria Island is made up of three cities.  The most Sourthern City is Bradenton Beach which is 70% condominiums with some resorts.  The rest of the properties in Bradenton Beach are duplexes or single family homes.  Holmes Beach is in the center of the island with a few hotels on the beach, some resorts and about 70% single family homes.  Finally Anna Maria City has very few resorts and condominiums and is primarily made up of single family properties.

There are lots of beach access points on Anna Maria Island.  The most popular are at Manatee County beach which is where STate Route 64 dead ends into the Gulf of Mexico.  That parking area can handle about 200 vehicles.  Coquina Beach is on the Southern tip of Anna Maria Island in Bradenton Beach and is just off Gulf Drive when traveling across the Cortez bridge.  Travel to the South and when properties change to trees and vacant land Coquina Beach can be found on the West side of Gulf Drive.  Holmes Beach does allow parking in the first block of most numbered streets however that can adjust due to COVID 19.  Anna Maria City does have parking on the streets however parking rules and regulations can be challenging to interpret.  A great spot to park is at the end of White Avenue in Northern Holmes Beach where it takes 4 minutes to walk to the beach.

There are many benefits and advantages to purchasing trip insurance. As with any insurance policy there are terms and conditions that apply. For complete details, you should reference the Sun Trip Preserver Policy Details.

We do send emails to our guests such as payment receipts, reminders of linen and towel rentals, etc. as a courtesy. You can always check your Guest website portal.

While we have several offices if you are picking up keys because your vacation rental does not have remote entry then visit our office located at 3909 East Bay Drive, Holmes Beach, FL 34217.  Most of our properties allow for keyless entry arrival.  

Head out to one of our many fantastic restaurants on Anna Maria Island.  Grab breakfast, dinner on the beach or a late lunch watching fishing on the Anna Maria City pier.  Walk the beach, grab a peak at Anna Maria Island Sunsets and just spend some time together.

Yes!  Publix grocery store is a large chain supermarket on Anna Maria Island located in Holmes Beach.  They have a deli, meat department, bakery, produce, frozen foods, alcohol, you name it.  It is located on East Bay.  If you can avoid the grocery store late on Saturdays and Sundays it can get quite busy.  Insider secret:  If the lines are very long and you don't have a lot of groceries bypass the normal check outs and at the front of the store is the service center.  If there is a person there they gladly check you out.   

Yes, you are in luck there are several private chef's on Anna Maria Island.  One that is very popular on Anna Maria Island is Chef Melissa with Suncoast Cuisine.  Melissa brings the restaurant to you performing all the shopping.  Just relax in your vacation rental or resort and let Suncoast Cuisine handle everything!

Yes, there are several laundry mats on Anna Maria Island.  There is one located in Holmes Beach at 5400 Marina Drive next to the restaurant the Feast as well as one in Bradenton Beach and several on the Mainland in Bradenton.

Yes, all vacation rentals have self-laundering accessible in the Anna Maria Island rental.  Some of our rental properties utilize a stackable washer and dryer while others utilize full size front loaders.

No, many of our Anna Maria Island Vacation Rentals utilize streaming services to watch television.  Hulu, Netflix, You Tube among others.  All our vacation rentals do have internet standard but if a Vacation Rental does not use standard cable for television we will be sure the streaming service is listed in the Vacation Rental marketing description.

Normally we do not.  We suggest renting all baby equipment from a reputable Anna Maria Island equipment company.  Baby items should be inspected upon each use and we leave safety up to the professionals.

Holmes Beach is located on Anna Maria Island.  There are three cities that make up Anna Maria Island.  Bradenton Beach, the most southern city on Anna Maria Island.  Holmes Beach which is in the center of the island and Anna Maria City which is in the Northern area of the island.