Anna Maria Island Florida

Anna Maria Island Golfing

Anna Maria Island is only 7 miles long so you may not be too surprised to learn that there is only one golf course on the Island. And, surprise, it is gorgeous! The club is members only but you can pay a guest fee of around $500.00 if you want to play golf on the Island. What are other golfing options? The larger Bradenton and Sarasota area, like most of Florida, hosts a massive and diverse number of golf courses most of which are open to the public. You can reach 10 different and unique golf courses within a 30-minute drive from the Island, and although traveling with clubs is not for every one, if you’re visiting Anna Maria Island for more than a few days and, enjoy the game of golf it is well worth the effort to pack your clubs. There is nothing better than 18 holes of golf on a beautiful Florida morning followed by some beach time in the afternoon.

Pinebrook Ironwood Golf Club

Pinebrook Ironwood Golf Club

$ - Bradenton

Pinebrook Ironwood Golf Club is in the heart of Bradenton in a quiet residential area. Pinebrook Ironwood Golf Club Enjoy their lush ultra dwarf Bermuda Greenway. This putting surface is surely superior to your typical course. This course is designed to give players a great experienced from well-maintained grounds. You’ll find playing here is a […]