Sarasota Jungle Gardens

Exotic birds, crocodiles, and lemurs are just a handful of amazing animals you’ll see at Sarasota Jungle Gardens. One of the state’s oldest continuously operated attractions, this place has been around since 1939! Today, they have over 200 exotic & native animals that live on the 10 acre facility.

Alligators, Flamingos, Reptiles, & More

This wildlife sanctuary will have you actually feeling like you have stepped into a jungle with its lush, topical landscaping.

One of the most popular attractions at Sarasota Jungle Gardens is there free roaming Flamingos. People travel from all around the world to view these long-legged pink birds. Plus, you can even hand feed them! Along with Flamingos, they also have a wide array of other feathered friends. Get your picture taken with a beautiful, colorful parrot!

Animals here that may be a little less cute, depending on what you find adorable, are the reptiles. There are giant tortoises, snakes, crocodiles & alligators, and more! There are many other critters here at Sarasota Jungle Gardens, but you’ll just have to stop on by to see them.

Make sure visit them for Good Friday, April 15t, for Jungle Trails and Bunny Tails. 40,000 Easter eggs will be apart of this continuous Easter Egg hunt, each colorful egg will be filled with candy.  This one-of-a-kind hunt will go on until all the eggs are gone, find the ones you can while you can! This year there will be other fun events as well; face painting, petting zoos, interactions with animals and nature, and many more fun family activates. Give them a call of visit their website for more information.

Jungle Gardens 

Jungle Gardens is located in Sarasota, and is about 40 minutes from Anna Maria Island.

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3701 Bay Shore Rd
Sarasota, FL 34234 
(941) 355-5305


Jungle Gardens


Jungle Gardens