Anna Maria Island Weather Information

Whether you're staying in a vacation rental for the week or looking to make your home on Anna Maria Island, knowing what to expect in terms of the weather can help you make the most of your time here. Here you'll find a breakdown of the average temperature, wind, precipitation, and humidity for each month as well as some frequently asked questions about the weather on Anna Maria Island.  

Weather on Anna Maria Island is relatively mild as our we are surrounded by water which helps to regulate both the heat in our Summer months as well as cold in our winter months.  All that surrounding water on Anna Maria Island does create some humid days in our Summers.  A vacation rental or permanent residence with a pool fixes that problem or better yet, visit the beautiful beaches of Anna Maria Island to cool off!

Anna Maria Island Weather by Month

January - DRY - WINDY
Temperature is 70 F with 2.8 " of rainfall and is the least HUMID month of the year.

February - DRY - WINDY
Temperature is 68 F and 3.2" of rainfall. 

March - DRY - WINDY
Temperature is 72 F and 3.9" of rainfall. 

Temperature is 84 F with 8" of rainfall and is humid most of the day. 

Temperature is 85 F with 9.6" of rainfall and is the most humid month of the year. 

September - WET - HUMID
Temperature is 84 F with 8.3" of rainfall and is humid. 

April - DRY - WINDY
Temperature is 84 F and 1.5" of rainfall. 

May - DRY
Temperature is 78 F and 3" of rainfall. 

June - WET
Temperature is 83 F and 7" of rainfall. 

October - DRY - WINDY
Temperature is 78 F with 2.9" of rainfall. 

November - DRY - WINDY
Temperature is 75 F with 2.6" of rainfall. 

December - DRY - WINDY
Temperature is 72 F with 2.7" of rainfall and is the second least Humid month of the year. 

Anna Maria Island Weather FAQs

When is Best time to Visit Anna Maria Island?

The best time to visit Anna Maria Island is all year round depending on why you are visiting.  Our tourism score for weather is very high January, February, March, April, October, November and December. May and September are shoulder tourism scores with June, July and August half of May and September.

What is the temperature like on Anna Maria Island?

The average temperature of Anna Maria Island is a low of 56F and a high of just over 90F. The Gulf of Mexico is a large mass that keeps our temperatures relatively steady. The Coolest month is typically January while the hottest month is August. January, February and December are considered cool temperatures while June, July, August and September are considered hot.

What is the humidity like on Anna Maria Island?

While the Gulf of Mexico regulates our temperatures during the Summer it raises our humidity considerably. The most humid months of the year by far are June, July, August and September. It is humid for most of the day. January, February, March April, November and December are comfortable the vast majority of the day. May and October are shoulder months and on and off can feel muggy or humid.

Is it windy on Anna Maria Island?

Wind on Anna Maria Island ranges from 3 miles per hour to 17 miles per hour. The windiest months of the year are January, February, March, April, October, November and December. The wind direction for the windy months is primarily out of North however in October through January the vast majority of winds are out of the East and North. The winds in May, June, July and August switch to primarily out of the West closely followed by the East.

How is the water temperature on Anna Maria Island?

The Gulf of Mexico water temperature ranges from a low of 65 F in Early February to a high of 86 F in August. The Gulf waters are 82 F in June, July, August and September. Locals love going to the beach June through September due to the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the constant light balmy breezes.