Anna Maria Island wind, temperature, and tidal information.

Visit our weather page for details about Anna Maria Island seasons and what to expect when visiting.  Otherwise review windfinder for more information on wind direction, wind speed, cloud cover, wind gust speed, wave direction, wave heights, high tide and low tide times as well as much more about Anna Maria Island weather.  We also have more information on the weather on Anna Maria Island.

Cloud Cover

Southwest Florida inherently provides tons of sun.  Generally the cloudiest months of the year are July and August with about 65% of the time having significant cloud cover.  November through April generally have the least cloud cover on Anna Maria Island.


Tides can be key to a good fishing day on Anna Maria Island.  Typically as the tide rolls in fish move towards estuary areas to get a meal.  Try to avoid slack times when there is very little tidal flow.  King tide is when the tide typically reaches maximum on the island.  This is when the Sun and Moon line up to create King tide which happens about 4 times per year. For daily tide information please visit the Tide Chart!


Wind on Anna Maria Island ranges from 17 miles per hour to about 3 miles per hour.  January, February, March, April, October, November and December are the windiest months on Anna Maria Island.  

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