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Anna Maria Island Rentals with a Pool

Browse our collection of Anna Maria Island vacation rentals with pools from Island Real Estate.  These stunning private vacation homes are the perfect escape. We have some fabulous Anna Maria Island private pool homes close to the beach or right on boating waterways, and even a few with both!  

Explore the island and come home to a relaxing evening outdoors, entertaining and enjoying the island vibe. Our Anna Maria Island rentals with pools are equipped with the finest amenities, ensuring a blissful vacation. We provide a range of options, from two bedroom homes up to five bedroom rentals. Browse and book your Anna Maria Island rental with a private pool + embrace the island lifestyle! 

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Are vacation rental pools heated on Anna Maria Island?

Yes, most of our Anna Maria Island vacation rentals have heated pools. Usually from November to April our pool heaters are turned on as our mornings can get cool and a heater is needed to keep the temperature a comfortable swimming temperature.

How big are vacation rental pools on Anna Maria Island?

Pool sizes vary greatly in size but most have a shallow end of 2.5 feet and a deep end of 5.5 feet. Rarely can you find a pool deeper than 5.5 feet due to our water table on Anna Maria Island being very low. Around 4 feet. Most fair size pools are at least 15 feet by 25 feet and of course there are larger and smaller pools. If you are looking for a diving board it will be a long and difficult search since most pools are less than 6 feet deep on Anna Maria Island.

If there’s a pool at my rental, does that mean there’s also an outdoor shower?

Usually pools include an outdoor shower but more often than not the distance to the beach is a larger factor for vacation rentals that offer a shower. If this is an important amenity for your Anna Maria Island stay be sure to ask our vacation rental specialist if the vacation rental includes an outdoor shower.

What temperature of the water can we expect pools to be at?

The temperature of most Anna Maria Island Vacation rentals have the pool heater set to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It should be noted many pool heaters do not operate below 60 degrees Fahrenheit as it is a safety mechanism for the pool heater. In addition, after a cool night the pool can take several hours to reach a comfortable swimming temperature. Very often pools do not reach their set temperatures until late morning in the months of December and January.