The Ringling – The Ca’ d’Zan & The Museums

The Ringling Circus was known as the “The Greatest Show on Earth”. So it would make sense that the home of John Ringling, one of the five brothers who owned the circus, would also be quite grand. In the 1920’s, 

From the CA’ D’Zan, to the Museums, Ringling Has So Much to Offer

Mr. Ringling was estimated to be worth nearly $200 million dollars. So what do you do when you’re one of the richest men at the time? You buy 20 acres of waterfront property in Sarasota, and build a $1.5 million dollar “Venetian Gothic” style home. This home is now famously known as the Ca’ d’Zan (“The House of John”).

The Ca’ d’Zan:
This jaw- dropping, 36,000 Sq. FT mansion is 5 stories tall,and has 41 rooms & 15 bathrooms. I personally can’t even begin to imagine what it was like to live there!  In 1946, after John’s death 10 years prior, the Ca’ d’Zan was once again open to the public. This architectural beauty is definitely worth seeing! And if you’re planning your big day, I highly suggest looking into having your wedding here.
The Ca’ d’Zan is open daily, from 10AM – 5PM.

The Museums (Art & Circus):
The Ringling is also famous for their museum(s). Here, you will find their breathtaking art museum. It’s 21 galleries of beautiful paintings and sculptures, all in a pink renaissance style palace. Along with the famous art museum, they also have a cool circus memorabilia museum. Come see and learn what the American circus was all about. Walk a wire, squeeze into a clown car, and more! There’s posters, costumes, and even a cannon! All of which were used for the “The Greatest Show on Earth”.

The Ringling Museum 

The Ringling Museum is located right in Sarasota, FL. It is about a 40 minute drive from the Island. 

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5401 Bay Shore Rd
Sarasota, FL 34243