Rod & Reel Pier Restaurant

Rod & Reel Pier is a must visit while on Anna Maria Island. Here you’ll find gorgeous views of Tampa Bay along with fresh caught seafood.  It’s a top visit for all locals.

Great Food With a View You Cant Beat at Rod & Reel Pier. 

The Rod & Reel Pier is considered an institution on Anna Maria Island at least since 1947 when it was first built.  If you ask 10 Anna Maria Island locals, 9 out of 10 locals will have Rod & Reel Pier in their top 3 places to dine while staying on Anna Maria Island.  As you can imagine with that much popularity bring your patience when you plan to dine at the Rod & Reel Pier for either Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.  All three meals have something special to share.  Whether it be omelets or pancakes to Grouper sandwiches and Grouper dinners.  The entire family can find something to enjoy at the Rod & Reel Pier.

The restaurant is located in North Anna Maria City and don’t be afraid while driving to it as you will drive a few minutes through residential neighborhoods to get there.  Parking can for sure be a challenge but pay attention to parking signs and you can park along the street however be sure to keep your tires OFF the pavement if you cannot park in their supplied parking area.  There is outdoor dining as well as indoor dining.  

Believe it or not, part of the fun is waiting for a seat at the Rod & Reel Pier.  You sit out on the pier, reconnecting with family or friends while taking in some spectacular waterway views.  For sure you will see some fish and if you want to see how they are biting walk around the end of the pier and strike up a conversation with anyone fishing.  If your lucky you might see a few dolphins or someone bringing in their haul of caught fish from the end of the pier.  By the way for an inexpensive fishing license you can purchase bait and fish on the pier.  

Insider tip:  Below the restaurant there is a small bar that will serve soda and beer.  Beer is $3 a glass so if you are waiting for your seat go in and grab some drinks while you wait! You can order food from the bar as well.

Rod & Reel

The Rod & Reel Pier Restaurant is located off of N Bay Drive in Anna Maria City (the northern end of Anna Maria Island). 

Looking for more waterfront dining? Try The Sandbar, The Beach House, The Beach Bistro, or the Anna Maria Island Beach Cafe! They are all wonderful, and have beautiful views of the water. 


875 N Shore Dr
Anna Maria, FL 34216
(941) 778-1885


Rod & Reel Pier


Rod & Reel Pier