Sea-renity Beach Spa & Bou-tiki

Shop for authentic Island-style fashion, treat yourself to a facial or a massage on the beach. You can do any (and all) of these at Sea-renity Beach Spa & Bou-tiki. A charming spa and Eco boutique on Historic Bridge Street.

Get a Message on the Beach!

Located across the street from The Fish Hole and Bridge Street Bazaar, this place has some really cute and funky merchandise. Jewelry, apparel, art, health & wellness products, gifts, etc. They have tons of goodies here to check out! Plus, a lot of the products offered are locally sourced/made.

And hey, while you’re here, why not check out their spa services? Sea-renity Beach Spa & Bou-tiki offers massages and facials. Though the best part is that they do massages ON THE BEACH! They’re actually the only place that offers beach massages in the local area. They have a private tiki-hut on the beach in Bradenton Beach.

And it doesn’t stop there! Check out their website for info on the Beach Yoga that they offer!


The Sea-renity Beach Spa & Bou-tiki is located in Bradenton Beach, on Historic Bridge Street.


112 Bridge St
Bradenton Beach, FL 34217
(941) 779-6836