Starfish Company Restaurant – Cortez Village, FL

The Starfish Company is an institution for Anna Maria Island, Cortez and West Bradenton.  Just a 5 minute drive from Anna Maria Island it is 100% outdoor seating.  Most of which is under cover while some seats are out in the sun. The restaurant officially resides in Cortez village and becomes one of the key hubs for the annual Commercial Cortez Fishing Festival which is held in February each year.

Fresh Seafood, Cold Beer, and Water Views. 

The Starfish Company restaurant has wonderful waterfront views from the dining area where you are just a few feet from water and there is a dock you can eat on that sits out in the water.  If you have a toddler or for that matter an adult that is bound to wander a bit too much then you probably want to grab a seat up by the bar area.  The views that can be taken in while dining at the Starfish Company restaurant include mangrove islands, Jewfish Key, Longboat Key and Bradenton Beach.  The restaurant is more of a take out dining style where you order at a window, sit down and an employee comes out with your meal boxed up yelling for your name.  Don’t just go sit down as you will be waiting a while since there are no servers that come request your order.  You eat the meal right out of the box.  Starfish Company has a bar where you can grab any of your favorite simple beverages like soda, beer or wine.

Insider secret – During high season the lines can be more than 1 hour long.  If you are okay with eating late hit the restaurant right as they close at 8 PM.  Right around 8:05 PM.  As long as there is a line waiting to order food they will take your order.  Oh yeah, if there is no breeze bring along some bug spray.  Once the sun settles at the right time of year no see-ums can be pretty bothersome.What is good at Starfish Company?  Of course any seafood but an old favorite for me are hush puppies.  Yes, you heard it right they have hush puppies as one of their sides.  About 3/4 of their menu is fried, clam strips, fish, you name it however you can get scallops, shrimp, fish, etc not fried.   For children they do have hamburgers, hot dogs and yes, french fries.If you are looking for fresh fish their seafood market is a great choice for fresh Florida local seafood.


Star Fish Company & Market

Starfish Company is just off Cortez road, or route 684, past the drawbridge heading East off Anna Maria Island.

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12306 46th Ave W
Cortez, FL 34215
(941) 794-1243