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Anna Maria Island Privateers
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The Thieves Market Anna Maria Island is for the kids! Are ye looking for somewhere to spend your plundered gold doubloons? Head on down to the Thieves Market. It’s sponsored by some of the most ruthless pirates this side of the Gulf of Mexico.

These scurvy dogs founded their organization in 1971 as a youth outreach program, and have been a staple of Anna Maria Island life ever since. The thieves market is a a great fundraiser. It keeps these wonderful people doing all the great things they do for the community.  There is our yearly 4th of July parade, multiple youth scholarships,  Christmas on Anna Maria Island, the Christmas parade and more.

Selling your wares at the Thieves Market Anna Maria Island

Here is more information about the privateers. Even a landlubber like you can become a “black shirt.” (That’s pirate lingo for member.) Head on over to the website and poke around a bit. If you own a business and would like to sell you wares, you can also find the application to be a vendor on their website.



  • Hi! I was happy to be able to attend the Thieves Market in November 2012 and enjoyed “shopping” at the various vendors. Now being up North for the winter….(yes…I know it’s a bit “backwards”….)…. I’d like your help since I cannot locate the information I had written down about one of the vendors I’m interested in contacting. It’s a woman who was selling handmade quirky soft “dolls”….monkeys, mermaids, etc. They were adorable!
    Is it possible for you to email me her contact information since I’d like to do business with her for a couple of gifts?
    I certainly would appreciate it!
    Glad to see that the Thieves Market is scheduled for 2013! It was a fun morning….talked to some very nice people… and glad it coincides with my next trip down there in March to see these vendors again.
    Keep smiling…..while I look forward to hearing from you with the contact info.
    Kate H.

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  • Hello!

    Glad to hear you enjoyed it so much! Unfortunately, we aren’t entirely sure which vendor you are referring to. Your best guess would be to contact The Privateers directly. They are in charge of the event and should be able to help you find the vendor you’re looking for. Their website is:

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  • Hi Kate,

    I did the Privateer’s market today and heard that you’re looking for me. I make the monkeys. Send an email to me at Subject line: Monkeys, so I know to open it. Then I’ll send you my phone number. Jolie

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  • where is the market being held in January?

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