Beach Warning Flags – What They Mean

If you’ve been to a public beach here on AMI, or any other public beach for that matter, than you have most likely seen the beach warning flags. But, do you actually know what the flags mean? Knowing what the Beach Warning Flags represent can seriously be a life saver.

Better Safe Than Sorry

So let’s get into what each flag and its color represent:

  • Double Red Flag: This mean the water is CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. The water conditions are too dangerous for entry, and not worth the risk.
  • Single Red Flag: Hazardous conditions are present, like strong currents or high surf. Basically means “swim at your own risk”.
  • Yellow Flag: Medium hazards are present, like moderate surf/currents. This still means to “swim at your own risk”.
  • Green Flag: You are good to go! The water is calm and conditions are safe. Of course, take the usual precautions, and pay attention to the conditions if they appear to worsen.
  • Purple Flag: Dangerous marine life (algae, jellyfish, etc.) is present. Swim at your own risk.

So enjoy your time on Anna Maria Island, and soak up some sun. Just  make sure you’re safe about it, especially if it is your first time in the ocean!