The White Egret in Anna Maria City is a fabulous home accent shop

The White Egret is located in Anna Maria City, right off of Gulf Drive.  You can hit the Sandbar or Ginny and Jane E’s for lunch, and then take a short stroll over to this beautiful shop that specializes in Coastal home goods!

A Fabulous Home Accent Shop in Anna Maria

The White Egret is full of original treasures including home accents, bedding, bath goods, candles, linens, and more. They also offer custom floral designs! They have on staff designers that can create all types of original displays for all occasions.  

Make sure you stop in on your visit to Anna Maria Island.  There is always a perfect gift all year around for a friendly neighbor, business associate, or family member .You won’t be sorry, the owners are continually changing their handpicked items for sale.

Egret Shops on Anna Maria Island
The owner’s actually own three different spots on the island: The White Egret, The Egret’s Nest, and The Egret’s Landing.  Each of the stores specializes in it’s own unique gifts and decor.

The Egret’s Nest - Ladies’ Apparel& Baby Boutique

The Egret’s Landing - Home Furnishings& Interior Design

The White Egret

The White Egret is located off Gulf Dr, in the city of Anna Maria. 


10006 Gulf Dr
Anna Maria, FL 34216
(941) 778-3782


The White Egret