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AMI Golf Cart Rentals

The roads of Anna Maria Island are perfect for golf carts. With the highest speed only being 35 MPH, golf carts are legal to drive throughout the Island and are very popular among not just visitors but also those who live year-round on AMI. So if you are planning an upcoming trip here, and are interested in getting a golf cart for part or all of the stay, contact AMI Golf Cart Rentals.

AMI Golf Cart Rentals offers electric luxury carts as well and electric economic carts. You can choose between a 4 seat cart or a 6 seat cart, and they have single day rental, 3 day rental, and full week rental options. Worried about picking up/dropping off the cart? Don’t be. AMI Golf Cart Rentals will take care of it, just contact them when you want a cart picked up/dropped off and they will be there promptly.

AMI Golf Cart Rentals