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Fishing Anna Maria Island

Fishing Anna Maria Island in June and summer is here. Usually summer fishing is hot and slow but this year it comparable to spring fishing. On Fire! Bait has still been a little more work, and is still out on the grass flats. To bring this white bait home you start chumming and don’t stop. Chum…throw the net(picture) and chum some more before you pull it all the way in. On the good mornings I can fill up my bait well after three throws of a 12ft net. The Skyway has been holding large schools of whitebait and threadfins. These schools are bigger bait great for Tarpon fishing.

Fishing Anna Maria Island

Fishing Anna Maria Island for Snook (picture) has huge! These Snook have been hungry this time of year, Eating every bait that hits the water. Needless to say my clients have been catching 100 plus Snook with every rod reeling one in. Sizes have ranged from 20-26 inches and a few throughout being 27-33 inches. One hour is plenty of time to fish for Snook and move on to next spot.

Fishing Anna Maria Island for Redfish(picture)…also on fire! I’m telling you this summer is like spring fishing! Everything is on fire. Redfish have been best to catch early in the morning. You have to be up for the challenge, because these Redfish have been 26-34 inches. This year the biggest being a 42 inches. With that being said you need to be up for the challenge because this will be your morning workout. Redfish have been hiding out around docks, but this particular larger school hasn’t been traveling to far. I’ve been able to stay on them.

Fishing Anna Maria Island for Trout (picture)… well its been good. None of my clients have had a whole lot of time for it. Clients have been wanting to stay on the Redfish and Snook. Many of them say they have never seen it this good. Back to Trout fishing there have been some really nice trout out there. Still out in the grass flats. Catching them with white bait. Not to much to say about them due to catching nice Snook, Redfish, some really nice flounder (picture), and snapper.

Fishing Anna Maria Island for Tarpon has been slow.

Unfortunately I can not control mother nature. Tarpon trips booked this year have been on the most windy days. Clients were able to get in on the some of the action. Found some smaller tarpon up in the river. Under the Skyway we hooked and fought more than we landed. That’s the name of the game Tarpon fishing.

Thanks for reading. If you are In the Anna Maria Island, Bradenton, Tampa bay, Sarasota, or Longboat area looking for a place to stay check out Or looking for a great day out in the water give me a call to book your trip.

Captain Ryan Taylor


Anna Maria Island Fishing


Activities Fishing Report The Things that Locals Know!

Top Ten Fishing Tips for Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island, Florida, is said to be the recreational fishing capital of the world. With 1300 miles of coastline, 7,700 lakes, 10,550 miles of rivers, and 2,276 miles of tidal coastline Florida is a natural choice for avid anglers.

Over 2 million individuals fish in Florida waters each year. And the industry generates an economic impact for the state in the range of 7 billion dollars.

Florida offers a diverse array of sports fish species along with responsible management of the population allowing state fishing to thrive.

Below is the Island Real Estate top ten list of things to know about Anna Maria Island fishing to assist you in making the most of your angling experience on island time.

1. Why Fish Anna Maria Island?

Nestled just off the Gulf coast of central Florida in Manatee county, Anna Maria Island is an amazing fishing destination for both sport, commercial or recreational fishing.

Anna Maria Island is situated near many different fishing environments from grass flats to deep sea, and even brakkish waters there are opportunities for any type of Florida fishing on and around Anna Maria Island.

Local bodies of water near Anna Maria Island include the Gulf of Mexico, Tampa Bay, Intracoastal waterways of Anna Maria sound, Palma Sola Bay and Sarasota Bay, and the Manatee River.

2. Piers

Pier fishing is a popular pass time on Anna Maria Island, and does not require any sort of fishing license as long as the pier offers a blanket license.

There are three piers to fish off of on Anna Maria Island including the Rod and Reel pier, Anna Maria city pier and the Bradenton Beach city pier. Rod and Reel and the Anna Maria city pier are located on north end and stretch out over Tampa Bay waters offering gorgeous views of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

The Bradenton Beach city pier overlooks Sarasota Bay, Cortez Fishing Village, and the Bradenton Beach Anchorage where long term boats may reside.

City Pier in Anna Maria
Anna Maria City Pier is great for fishing.

3. Beaches

Anna Maria Island is a seven mile long barrier island offering plenty of powder sand beaches for casting a line. During the busy high season times of year beaches may become crowded in popular spots like the Manatee Public beach making fishing a bit difficult.

Many anglers have success fishing off the beaches especially during the summer months in areas with less individuals in the water. Fishing from the beach does require a fishing license for most, but there are a few exceptions to the rule.

You may fish off the beach if you are a:

– resident fishing with a pole or line without a line retrieval device

– resident over the age of 65

– Florida resident and a member of the U.S. Armed Forces not stationed in Florida and are here on leave for 30 days or less.

– Anyone eligible for food stamps, temporary cash assistance or medicaid. or under 16 years of age from any state may fish off of beaches.

Beach fishing
Great summer fishing on the beaches of Anna Maria Island.

4. Respect Wildlife While Fishing

Anna Maria Island is home to a gorgeous array of wildlife from mammals to birds and sea critters. When fishing it is extremely important to mind the wildlife that locals hold so dear.

Be sure to mind boating rules in Manatee zones as this sea relative of the elephant is slowly making a comeback in Florida waterways. Never feed birds fish bones or scraps when cleaning fish, and if you snag a pelican with a hook slowly reel it in, and follow the guidelines of how to remove the hooks and monofilament line.

injured pelican
Image from Key West Wildlife Center Facebook Page.

5. Charters

Anna Maria Island offers many different type of fishing charters from inshore to deep sea. There are several different companies offering charters like Anna Maria Island Inshore Fishing Charters. Find a few additional charters here.

6. Inshore Fishing

Fishing along the intracoastal waterway can be a fun and relaxing day spent between Anna Maria Island and the mainland. With fabulous mangrove environments there are many species of fish found inshore.

Anna Maria Island Inshore fishing
Anna Maria Inshore Fishing with Captain Kyle Taylor.

7. Tampa Bay Fishing

Fishing in Tampa Bay produces great catches like Tarpon. Head out into the bay, and enjoy fishing around the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

8. Gulf of Mexico Fishing

If you are looking to schedule a deep sea fishing trip the Gulf of Mexico will be your best bet. Charters will take you miles off shore to find the prize catch you’ve had on your bucket list.

9. Cortez Fishing Village

One of the oldest in the country, Cortez Fishing Village offers old Florida charm, endless character and the area’s freshest seafood. In Cortez you’ll find the Florida Maritime Museum. Great charters, amazing seafood restaurants and markets too!

10. Popular Fishing Seasons

Anna Maria Island offers year round fishing with many different open seasons available. In additional to line fishing Florida Spiny Lobster Season and Stone Crab season are highly anticipated on Anna Maria Island.

Fishing on Anna Maria Island? Obey the fishing laws. Employ safe boating and angling practices. Respect the wildlife and have a great time!

For more information about Anna Maria Island fishing visit the Island Real Estate Local Scene Fishing Report page!

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Fishing Report The Things that Locals Know!

June Fishing Anna Maria Island Update and Report

This June Fishing Anna Maria Island Update and Report features some pretty amazing species. Tarpon have been on every anglers mind lately. From what we hear they have been biting like crazy along the beaches of Longboat Key and Anna Maria Island.  Try using crab for bait. When you hook into a tarpon be ready for a fight.  We have been hearing of battles that have lasted up to an hour and a half.

Inshore June Fishing Has Been Great!

Inshore fishing around Anna Maria Island has been excellent, producing big numbers of trout.  The reports have been coming in about lots of catch and release Snook and gag grouper.  

Cobia have been lurking under the piers and bridges feeding on pinfish.  Catch Redfish with the outgoing tides in the afternoon. Mullet are patrolling the flats.

Offshore red snapper are being caught in about 120 feet of water. Mangrove snapper have been biting in 60-80 feet of water.  Try using live shiners or live shrimp. A chum block is a great way to bring the snapper closer to the boat and get them in the mood to start biting.