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Top 5 Anna Maria Island Burger Restaurants

When it comes to finding a good place to eat on Anna Maria Island, you don’t have to look far. From Tex-Mex to salad bars, it’s easy to find a meal everyone will enjoy. The island is home to some of the best burger joints, whether you’re looking to lay back and enjoy live music or sit down with family at a gourmet restaurant. Here are the top 5 Anna Maria Island burger restaurants:

Top 5 Anna Maria Island Burger Restaurants

1. Hurricane Hanks

5 Anna Maria Island Burger restaurants
Chow down at Hurricane Hanks!

Located in Holmes Beach, Hurricane Hanks is sure to make your taste buds happy! With delicious burgers such as Big Texas Roadhouse and The Pub Burger (which are highly recommended), you’re sure to enjoy whatever your stomach desires. With a beachy design and an open bar, Hurricane Hanks is the place to go for great food and a laid-back atmosphere!

2. Island Gourmet Grill

Top 5 Anna Maria Island Burger Restaurants
Enjoy delicious burgers at Island Gourmet Grill!

If you’re looking for a bit of a fancier atmosphere, look no further than Island Gourmet Grill located off Marina Drive in Holmes Beach. Serving mouth-watering burgers such as the Island Burger, which features all your favorite burger toppings as well as a steakhouse onion and blue cheese, you can’t go wrong by visiting. Plus, don’t let the name fool you! A gourmet experience and good prices go together like peanut butter and jelly at this restaurant, keeping you and your wallet happy.

3. Slim’s Place

5 Anna Maria Island Burger Restaurants

Head over to Slim’s Place off Gulf Drive for a casual dinner and great burgers! Voted as the number one sports bar on Anna Maria Island, Slim’s Place offers the perfect experience for family and friends who are looking for a casual lunch or dinner. Plus, with 12 TV’s there’s no reason to miss your favorite sports game! Be sure to check out their burger “The Slim,” which features yummy toppings such as gouda cheese, bacon, and crispy onion straws.

4. Skinny’s Place

Top 5 Anna Maria Island Burger Restaurants
Enjoy great burgers at Skinny’s Place!

Family owned since 1952, Skinny’s Place is home to some of the best burgers on the island. Located off Gulf Drive in Holmes Beach, Skinny’s offers a variety of burgers, from your typical cheeseburger to “The G3,” a triple burger with three cheese. If you’re looking for delicious burgers and great service, Skinny’s Place is the place to be!

5. Duffy’s Tavern

If you’re looking for unique, delicious burgers, Duffy’s Tavern is the perfect place to visit! Found off Marina Drive in Holmes Beach, Duffy’s has been featured on USA Today’s top 10 “Hamburger Heavens,” and is home to many interesting burgers such as the Brie and Caramelized onion Cheeseburger, the Tex Burger, and the Fresh Jalapeño and  burger.

With so many options, burger lover’s everywhere are sure to find a delicious meal at one of our top 5 Anna Maria Island burger restaurants! As actress Erica Durance once said, “We all need to make time for a burger once in a while!”

The Things that Locals Know!

Anna Maria Island Fishing in May 1st through May 12th

Anna Maria Island fishing in May has been interesting.

Anna Maria Island Fishing in May

first with a late season cold front making its way to beautiful Anna Maria Island this May made fishing pretty tough for just a few days, but fishing is back on track now!

Anna Maria Island fishing for Snook has been good… when you can find them.

They are on the move. Snook  around Anna Maria Island are in big groups making their way to the passes on both north and south sides of Anna Maria Island to get ready to spawn. Snook usually spawn around the full moons May, June, and July. when they are out and about spawning is some of the best times to catch a really big one. (photo) Which doesn’t happen every trip. Most Snook will range from 20-26inches. With only a few being over 30inches.

Anna Maria Island fishing for tarpon. (photo)

The Season is here. We started out the month doing some juvenile tarpon fishing  up in the river with a lot of success. Now the water off the beaches surrounding Anna Maria Island has cleared up. Tarpon have shown up in the last few days. This is the time to book your tarpon fishing trips. Tarpon off the beach range from 60lbs to 200lbs so get ready for a fight of a lifetime.

Anna Maria Island fishing for Redfish

Anna Maria Island redfish fishing has been awesome. We have had some really large schools of redfish showing up out in the Tampa bay. These Redfish have made my clients very happy over the last few weeks. These fish have been ranging from 26 inches to 36 inches. Fishing with the right tackle my clients who bring their children have been smoking it. kids from the age of seven have caught as big as a 36 inch redfish. (photo) I am also still catching a few redfish around oyster bars on the shorelines of Anna Maria Island.

Anna Maria Trout Fishing (photo)

Anna Maria Island trout fishing still remains strong and consistence. Most Trout are making their way to deeper water from four to eight feet deep. Finding most of these trout in grass patches in beautiful Tampa Bay. that’s all for this week. Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to book your trip if your a local or coming to visit in Anna Maria Island, Bradenton, longboat key, Sarasota, palmetto give me a call. I look forward to meeting you.

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Anna Maria Island July 4th Activities

Get out your lawn chairs! With so much to do, you’re sure to never be bored while visiting the island. If you want the perfect day of play, here are some of the best Anna Maria Island July 4th Activities.

AMI Privateers 4th of July Parade

privateers parade
Come out and watch the Privateers parade! Photo courtesy of

Known as one of Anna Maria’s biggest events, the AMI Privateers 4th of July Parade is a must-see. Start your morning off from 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. with this FREE parade, starting at Coquina Beach and ending at the City Pier in Anna Maria. Everyone is welcome, and try to catch some beads! Just as a warning, many of the floats have a knack for bringing out their water guns, so get ready to be wet!

Festive Foods!

One of my favorite parts about the fourth of July is the delicious food you get to eat! Whether you want to eat at home or eat out, there’s something for everyone.

For you chefs out there, grilling is ALWAYS the way to go on the fourth of July. With Publix right around the corner, you’re sure to find all the ingredients you need, such as ribs, corn, potatoes, and what ever else your stomach desires! Plus, there’s no better time than to get a little crafty with your food. Sweeten up the day with Patriotic White Chocolate Covered Oreos! You can make them right at home, and they’re really easy to make!

Patriotic White Chocolate Covered Oreos- Red, white, and blue chocolate give these Oreos a patriotic touch. Serve them for Memorial Day or the 4th of July!

Activities for Kids

If you’re looking for something to keep the kiddos busy, try out these Glow in the Dark Sensory Bottles. They make for really fun toys, and can actually be educational if you look at the science behind them!

If you want to get up and close with nature, try out this DIY ring toss! All you need is a couple of attachable glow sticks, some sticks (that can easily be found on the island), and some friends to play with!

For more super fun ideas, visit our Pinterest page!

Sandbar Annual Fireworks Spectacular


sandbar fireworks
Enjoy fireworks at the Sandbar Restaurant! Photo from

If you’re looking for a show of lights, look no further than the Sandbar Restaurant located on the North end of the island! Celebrating 31 years, the fireworks show will begin right after dusk under their wedding pavilion. They can be seen on almost any part of the island, so be sure to look for them!

For those who want front row seats, the restaurant is offering an exclusive VIP package! Included are a private area to watch the fireworks, an array of food prepared by their culinary team, open bar, party favors, and valet parking. Tickets are $140 for adults and $50 for children.

AMI Rules!

While we’re all about having fun, we ask that you please not set off your own fireworks! They can be very unsafe, and the last thing we want is for your vacation to end early. Illegal fireworks include-but are not limited to-roman candles, bottle rockets, and mortars. Legal fireworks such as sparklers, snappers, and snakes will be permitted. Any person found with an illegal firework is subject to a ticket by the Holmes Beach Police Department, so just stay safe and have a good time!

The Things that Locals Know!

Fishing Anna Maria Island

Fishing Anna Maria Island in June and summer is here. Usually summer fishing is hot and slow but this year it comparable to spring fishing. On Fire! Bait has still been a little more work, and is still out on the grass flats. To bring this white bait home you start chumming and don’t stop. Chum…throw the net(picture) and chum some more before you pull it all the way in. On the good mornings I can fill up my bait well after three throws of a 12ft net. The Skyway has been holding large schools of whitebait and threadfins. These schools are bigger bait great for Tarpon fishing.

Fishing Anna Maria Island

Fishing Anna Maria Island for Snook (picture) has huge! These Snook have been hungry this time of year, Eating every bait that hits the water. Needless to say my clients have been catching 100 plus Snook with every rod reeling one in. Sizes have ranged from 20-26 inches and a few throughout being 27-33 inches. One hour is plenty of time to fish for Snook and move on to next spot.

Fishing Anna Maria Island for Redfish(picture)…also on fire! I’m telling you this summer is like spring fishing! Everything is on fire. Redfish have been best to catch early in the morning. You have to be up for the challenge, because these Redfish have been 26-34 inches. This year the biggest being a 42 inches. With that being said you need to be up for the challenge because this will be your morning workout. Redfish have been hiding out around docks, but this particular larger school hasn’t been traveling to far. I’ve been able to stay on them.

Fishing Anna Maria Island for Trout (picture)… well its been good. None of my clients have had a whole lot of time for it. Clients have been wanting to stay on the Redfish and Snook. Many of them say they have never seen it this good. Back to Trout fishing there have been some really nice trout out there. Still out in the grass flats. Catching them with white bait. Not to much to say about them due to catching nice Snook, Redfish, some really nice flounder (picture), and snapper.

Fishing Anna Maria Island for Tarpon has been slow.

Unfortunately I can not control mother nature. Tarpon trips booked this year have been on the most windy days. Clients were able to get in on the some of the action. Found some smaller tarpon up in the river. Under the Skyway we hooked and fought more than we landed. That’s the name of the game Tarpon fishing.

Thanks for reading. If you are In the Anna Maria Island, Bradenton, Tampa bay, Sarasota, or Longboat area looking for a place to stay check out Or looking for a great day out in the water give me a call to book your trip.

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Anna Maria Island Fishing


The Things that Locals Know!

April Fishing Capt. Ryan Taylor April 17th-28th Snook Fishing

April 17th-28th Snook fishing the last few weeks has been awesome around Anna Maria Island and every barrier island around Tampa bay.

Snook Fishing

Most Snook have been the average 20-26 inches, but it wasn’t uncommon over the last couple weeks of April to land a Snook in the slot of 28″ to 33″. With a lot of Snook showing up around Anna Maria Island we landed a few over sized. The largest being 36″. its only going to better in the months to come.


Our tides were getting really high this past week due to a south wind and a new moon we had the opportunity to fish oyster bars around Anna Maria Island where the Redfish bite was on fire. My clients had many double and triple hook ups. Most of the Redfish we caught ranged from 20″-33″.

Trout fishing remained a staple for all clients to take back to their Anna Maria Island vacation rental to fry up. After a full day of fishing with the best (Capt. Ryan Taylor) it doesn’t take my clients long to catch their limit of trout 4 per person 15″-20″.

What to expect in the weeks to come. the Tarpon are showing up around Anna Maria Island and Tampa Bay. Expect to see pictures on social media of Tarpon as well as Snook, redfish, and trout that will remain good. Don’t forget if your coming to Anna Maria Island, Bradenton, Longboat key, TampaBay, or Sarasota book your fishing trips early so you don’t miss out on a trip of  a life time.

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The Things that Locals Know!

Mackerel and Fishing Anna Maria City Pier

It’s a good time to be fishing Anna Maria City Pier.  The Mackerel are running and have been present in spades.

Last evening we decided to take a quick ride up the island try fishing Anna Maria City Pier. Our favorite college team Penn State was ahead at half time, and our dinner still had another 45 minutes to finish in the oven.

Fishing Anna Maria City Pier? Buckets of Fin!

As we walked down the recently re-built pier we were greeted by lots of anglers fishing in the beautiful blue-green waters of the Tampa Bay.  The fisherman told us that the mackerel were biting and they were not kidding; there were buckets and buckets filled to the brim with fish.

It was such fun to see people of all ages, casting and catching fish…  Then we enjoyed a guitarist playing great Neil Young songs, one of which my husband requested and enjoyed.

As we listened and looked out over the lovely Gulf Of Mexico waters and the silhouette of the outstanding Skyway Bridge, we were, once again, amazed at the glory of this unbelievable place in which we have the privilege to live.

We walked back down the pier to return to our car. The setting sun highlighted the clouds in an amazing way as we reveled in the last of our fishing euphoria.  We talked about the fact that we too often neglect to take advantage of Anna Maria Island.  We got back home and ate a great dinner, just in time to watch our team win the game in the FOURTH overtime!

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April Fishing Captain Ryan Taylor

April Fishing Captain Ryan Taylor Fishing report April 1st -16th

April has been great, the weather has been beautiful a little windy most days but the snook, redfish, and trout have seemed to love it. The water temperature around Anna Maria island is in the mid 70’s. The bait has invaded Tampa bay gathering around every piece of structure and every grass flat surrounding Anna Maria Island. Spring fishing is one of my favorite times of the year.

April Fishing Captain Ryan Taylor

My clients always ask what are we fishing for here?  My response, is we’re probably going to catch it all snook, redfish, trout, because they all hangout together this time of year. It’s always exciting never knowing what your going to have on the line.

With the comfortable water temperatures these fish are eating all day. On most half day trips this week clients were catching 20 to 30 snook with the biggest being 36″. We catch about 5 to 10 redfish and 10 to 20 trout. If you are looking for an excellent table fare the trout are 15″ to 20″.

Tarpon fishing is right around the corner I generally start fishing for them every morning in May June, and July.  If you are  looking for a place to stay on Anna Maria Island check out Island Real Estate.

Reporting is Captain Ryan with Captain Ryan Taylor fishing charters.

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Sightseeing Anna Maria Island Piers

Sightseeing Anna Maria Island Piers is a great activity during your visit. All located on the bay side of the island, there are three different piers to see.

Sightseeing Anna Maria Island Piers
The Bradenton Beach Pier is great for Fishing and Sightseeing.

Sightseeing Anna Maria Island Piers

Each of the three island piers has a little something different to offer, but all have beautiful views. Enjoy a peaceful stroll along with a respite from time on the beach.

Rod & Reel Pier

The Rod & Reel Pier is the northern most of the three. Here you’ll enjoy views of Tampa Bay and the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. At the end of the pier you’ll find the Rod & Reel Restaurant. The small downstairs bar is a great stop for a beer. Grab a drink and sit down on one of the outdoor benches. Upstairs you’ll find the dining room with both indoor and outdoor seating.

For a small fee you can fish off the pier too! This is a great place for family fun with a view. If you are looking for a taste of old Florida, you’re sure to find it on this pier.

Anna Maria City Pier

The Anna Maria City Pier is located just a few blocks south of Rod & Reel pier. Here you’ll also enjoy views of Tampa Bay and the Sunshine Skyway. The city pier is a historical site with an important past. This is where boats would drop off “Day Trippers” from the mainland before a bridge was built.

At the end of the city pier is a restaurant and small gift shop. The menu here offers a little of something for everyone. Find the city pier at the end of Pine Avenue. There are also some bay beaches to visit around the base of the pier.

Bradenton Beach City Pier

On the south end of the island you’ll find The Bradenton Beach city pier at the end of Bridge Street. The pier is in the location of what was the first bridge connecting the island to the main land.

Here you’ll enjoy views of Sarasota Bay and the old fishing Village of Cortez directly across the Intracoastal Waterway.

At the base of the pier is the Anna Maria Oyster Bar restaurant. The menu has great seafood in addition to chicken and burgers. Anna Maria Oyster bar offers a full service bar along with both indoor and outdoor seating.

The Bradenton Beach City Pier is a popular spot for fishing too. Bring your own pole, or rent one from the bait shop. You can also catch a dolphin watching boat tour here.

Be sure to enjoy a walk on one of the three island piers on your next visit to Anna Maria Island.

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Anna Maria Island Gulf Front Dining – 6 Restaurants

There are plenty of options for Anna Maria Island gulf front dining. From north to south you will find 6 different restaurants for toes in the sand dining.

Anna Maria Island Gulf Front Dining
Catching a sunset with Anna Maria Island Gulf front dining is a must!

Anna Maria Island Gulf Front Dining

There is nothing better than sipping a tropical drink while watching the sunset with sandy feet. Anna Maria Island is the perfect place to unwind with a good meal on the gulf. Try one of these six restaurants on your next trip to the Anna Maria Island gulf front.

Sandbar Restaurant

Located at the end of Spring Avenue, The Sandbar restaurant is in the city of Anna Maria. This is a very popular location for direct gulf front dining. Indoor seating is also an option here. The Sandbar offers a large menu, a full service bar and a lovely wine menu. Host an event or wedding at the sandbar too! They offer a large beachfront pavilion that is great for large gatherings island style.

Beach Bistro

While the majority of seating is indoors, The Beach Bistro does offer amazing views of the gulf from their indoor dining room. If the weather is right, they may even serve you in their limited outdoor seating area. The Beach Bistro is an award wining restaurant offering a high end dining in Holmes Beach. This may be the nicest dining experience you’ll ever enjoy!

Anna Maria Island Beach Cafe

Manatee Public beach access is one of the most popular destinations on Anna Maria Island. Here you’ll find the Anna Maria Island Beach Cafe for all your concession needs. Their menu offers a little of something for everyone, and also includes a full service Tiki bar!

Gulf Drive Cafe

Find the ultimate Anna Maria Island Tiki bar at the Gulf Drive Cafe. This restaurant has beautiful direct gulf front views. You’ll find a huge full service outdoor beach bar and menus for all meals of the day. If you’re lucky, you may just find live music happening!

Beach House

Located on the south end of Anna Maria Island, the Beach House is the sister restaurant of The Sandbar. This is also a very popular spot for dining with the sunset. Enjoy indoor and outdoor dining and be sure to visit their gift shop too. The Beach House is also a lovely place for weddings and catered events.

Coquina Beach Cafe

Coquina Beach Cafe is on the far south end of Anna Maria Island. They offer casual gulf front dining and concessions right on Coquina Beach. Visit them for breakfast and lunch any day of the week. They are also open for dinner Friday through Sunday.

While visiting, be sure to try out Anna Maria Island gulf front dining with one of these six restaurants. You’re surely be pleased!

Fishing Report The Things that Locals Know!

Anna Maria Island Fishing Charters Sept 26th-Oct 8th Report

Anna Maria Island Fishing Charters Sept 26th-Oct 8th Report.

Between a rock and a hard place…

Anna Maria Island Fishing Charters Sept 26th-Oct 8th Report.

Between the red tide and Hurricane Matthew we have seen our fair share of natural “adversities” over the past two weeks. It has been trying to say the least.

Red Tide

We will start off with the red tide issue. It did not dramatically affect fishing around Anna Maria Island, but I did receive countless phone calls regarding the issue. The red tide had more of an affect on the beach/ gulf side of Anna Maria Island from Bradenton Beach south. The further north you went on the island the less impact the red tide had.

Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew had more of an impact on fishing than the red tide. We were not able to get out and fish Thursday through Saturday due to high winds However, Hurricane Matthew was a blessing in the fact that it should of blew the red tide well offshore, or at the very least dispersed it. Here’s some video from my Marina, it was taken Friday morning when Hurricane Matthew was passing us on the East Coast (Video 1) (Video 2).


Now onto fishing, the fishing has been pretty tough with regards to Snook and Redfish. The Snook have been around but not feeding that well. We are still managing to get some, but not as many as we should for this time of the year.


The Redfish on the other hand have been feeding well, but are moving around a lot. The Redfish are not holding anywhere for too long which makes it challenging to stay on top of them. We did catch several Redfish (Picture 1) (Picture 2) during this reporting period, with the largest being 29″ (Picture 3).

Trout, Mackerel, Snapper

The Trout, Mackerel, and Snapper bite have been doing extremely well and have been a saving grace on most trips. Most of the places I have been fishing the bite has been ferocious. Every time the bait hits the water a Trout or Mackerel hit it instantaneously. As we move further into fall the water temperatures will drop and the fishing will turn on.  On a side note: This past week we had a group of 8 Manatees come up to the boat while we were fishing, here’s a picture of two Manatees close to the boat (Picture 4).

Anna Maria Island Fishing Charters Sept 26th-Oct 8th Report
Manatees! Anna Maria Island Fishing Charters Sept 26th-Oct 8th Report

If you are looking to stay on Anna Maria Island check out Island Real Estate for all your accommodation needs.

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