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There’s no place more perfect to live than the beach, and this is exactly why Ryan decided to make Anna Maria Island his home. Ryan graduated from Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida. After taking many vacations to the island, he and his wife, Julie, relocated here along with their two children to take full advantage of the Gulfs gorgeous beaches, and fantastic school system Manatee County has to offer. When he’s not working, Ryan can be found boating, fishing, or enjoying a meal at one of the Island’s delicious restaurants.

Ryan’s knowledge in real estate spans building, investing, and selling. He is extremely proud to assist clients with finding their dream homes in Anna Maria, Bradenton Beach, Holmes Beach and Longboat Key. Ryan enjoys working with clients to discover a home for them that compliments their personality, and suits their needs. Don’t hesitate any longer; call him today to start your search!

The Things that Locals Know! Top Ten Things to do

Top 13 Ways to Keep Anna Maria Island Beaches Clean

Doing your part to keep Anna Maria Island beaches clean is easy. Every year humans dump plastics and garbage into our ecosystem, but if we employ mindfulness this can change. The impact of garbage on the beaches and in waterways is an enormous strain on wildlife. This effect works its way up through the food chain, and has global implications.

Plastics effect on marine birds and wildlife

A 2015 study found that nearly 90% of seabirds are ingesting plastics. Plastics and garbage not only effect seabirds, but also harm hundreds of species of Marine life.  Researchers have found many animals deceased with plastic in their stomach and digestive tracts. A few species include sea turtles, whales, dolphins, fish and sea lions.

Up to 80% of marine debris can be attributed to urban runoff and land based sources. This figure gives us insight into the effect of human habits. We can decrease this number by making small changes in our daily life, especially when visiting the beaches of Anna Maria Island.

Top 13 ways to keep Anna Maria Island Beaches Clean

1. The Two Minute Beach Clean

Any time you visit a beach on Anna Maria Island, or elsewhere, you should practice the two minute beach clean. A simple movement, the two minute beach clean started in coastal England. Any time you visit a beach take two minutes from your trip and clean up any debris you see. It’s easy to do a two minute beach clean, and you’ll leave feeling accomplished in doing your part.

2. Be a Conscientious Angler

Fishing line and tackle can take up to 600 years to decompose enough to no longer effect marine animals. When you are fishing on the beaches of Anna Maria Island keep this in mind. Never leave behind debris, and NEVER cut lines caught on wildlife. Reel, remove, release is the best way to care for entanglement, and is the only solution to prevent wildlife deaths.

3. Leave plastic bags at home

Plastic bags are easy to lose on a trip to the beach, and don’t help keep Anna Maria Island beaches clean. Plastic bags can easily fly away with even the smallest of breezes. When you visit Anna Maria Island beaches leave the plastic bag at home, and instead, use a reusable tote or beach bag.

4. Use garbage receptacles

Garbage receptacles are found at almost every public beach access on Anna Maria Island, so use them. Never bury trash in the sand, and always take a quick look around before you leave. If a piece of trash become caught in the wind, chase it down!

5. Join a Beach Clean

Many different organizations and groups hold beach cleaning events. Cleaning the beach sounds like a difficult task, but it is actually fun. Cool off in the gulf, get a little sun, and enjoy the outdoors. Occasionally you may even find something interesting on the beach. Jewelry, coins, sunglasses, beach toys and tons of other goods are rescued from the beaches when you help keep Anna Maria Island beaches cleans. You never know what you’ll find while picking up garbage.

6. Ditch single use plastics

Single use plastics are a huge contributor to marine pollution, and are easily lost at the beach. Avoiding single use plastic is a practice you can implement in your everyday routine, and not just during a trip to Anna Maria Island.

Ask yourself these questions about single use plastic:

Is it really so hard to bring a spoon from home, then bring it back at the end of the day? Why couldn’t you bring a reusable cup instead of a solo cup you’ll use for just a few hours? Is going to the store to buy temporary utensils and flatware actually more convenient than just grabbing the things you already have at home? Does single use plastic actually make your trip more convenient, or is it just something a manufacturer has sold you on?

7. No Butts!

Cigarette butts are one of the most common types of garbage you will find on the beaches of Anna Maria Island. It takes cigarette butts 10-12 years to decompose, so they really start to build up, especially around sand dunes. Smoking on the beach exposes others to second hand smoke, and really just isn’t polite. No one wants to smell cigarette smoke instead of fresh salt air. If you must smoke at the beach NEVER put your butts out in the sand, and pick a fire safe receptacle to park your butts.

8. Leave the pets at home

There are no pets allowed on Anna Maria Island beaches. As much as we love our pets, they can make beaches a very dirty place. Pet waste can become a health hazard due to fecal bacteria, and can also contain parasites that cause health issues for humans and other animals. Only bring you pets to designated pet friendly beaches. If you are visiting Anna Maria Island with a pet you will find pet friendly beaches to the East of the Manatee Bridge along the Palma Sola Causeway Park.

9. Don’t Build Fires

Fires of any kind are not permitted on Anna Maria Island beaches. Fire can easily spread on the beach, and cause great ecological damage to sensitive beach dune. Debris leftover from fires makes the beach dirty, and an unsafe place for beach wildlife.

10. Barbecue in designated areas

Many of the public beaches on Anna Maria Island offer designated grilling areas. Grilling on the beach can be unsafe for both people and wildlife. You can find designated grilling areas on Anna Maria Island at Coquina Beach, Manatee Public Beach and Bay Front Park.

11. Pick up Food Waste

Pieces of food left on the beach are harmful. When you leave the beach don’t leave food around. Human food is not meant to be eaten by beach wildlife, and can attract predator species out to coastal areas. When predator species come on to the beach they disturb natural processes such as nesting. Food can attract animals such as Raccoons and Feral Cats that don’t belong. These predators will stick around, and eat shorebirds, baby birds, and both bird and turtle eggs. These predators can have an enormous effect on beach ecosystems.

Do not feed wildlife! The seagulls might be cute, and persistent, but DO NOT FEED THEM! Seagulls are not meant to eat human food, and can become sick. Seagulls can also confuse plastics with human food, and mistakenly eat plastic. When you feed seagulls on the beach it makes them aggressive toward people causing them to snatch food out of your hand. This behavior is bad for both the Seagull and people, and does not help keep Anna Maria Island beaches clean.

12. Be a Conscientious Boater

It is all too easy for plastics and garbage to fly off your boat. When enjoying the waters around Anna Maria Island be sure to keep items secure. Pinterest offers tons of great boat organization hacks to keep items in place and secure. If you come across floating garbage while boating pluck it out of the water, but only if you can do so safely.

13. Donate to Environmental Organizations

There are tons of not for profit organizations that care for the environment on both local and global levels. You can help keep Anna Maria Island beaches clean by supporting the efforts of organizations such as Keep Manatee Beautiful. This organization is dedicated to litter prevention. Also, consider supporting the Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch and Shorebird Monitoring. This great non-profit monitors and protects local wildlife, and they also help keep Anna Maria Island beaches clean with beach clean up efforts.

Keep Anna Maria Island beaches Clean
Help keep Anna Maria Island beaches clean!

Reserve your Anna Maria Island vacation rental or accommodations today at!

Top Ten Things to do

The Best Jewelry Stores on Anna Maria Island

Are you looking to find a unique gift from one of the local jewelry stores on Anna Maria Island?  Luckily, there are many locally owned and operated shops and boutiques to choose from!

Top Five Jewelry Stores on Anna Maria Island

From Pine Avenue to Bridge Street, there are many shops carrying high quality, hand-crafted, beach, wedding and destination jewelry. For your convenience, we have carefully selected our Top Five Jewelry Stores on Anna Maria Island.  Though it was tough trying to narrow down the list, We think these are the best jewelry stores on Anna Maria Island.

Creations by L

Creations by L is in Holmes Beach and will delight those who must have that special “one-of-a-kind” piece. Lois incorporates semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and gorgeous beads into her designs. She also offers classes from May through October, and you can take home your own hand-made memory. Her very special wedding collection is amazing and she will customize jewelry to your wishes. So please stop by Creations by L to browse the selection at our number 5 pick!

Restless Natives and Back Alley

The number 4 choice for jewelry shopping actually has 2 locations, Restless Natives in Holmes Beach and the Back Alley in Bradenton Beach.  About 25 local artists display their pieces, including beer bottle cap pendants and “green” jewelry.  One peek in either shop and you will know why we love them!Sand Dollar necklace

The Sand Dollar

The Sand Dollar comes in our third favorite place for jewelry on Anna Maria Island.

Known more for their unique beach style home goods and gifts, this “must” visit store on every list. But the jewelry at the Sand Dollar is amazing too!  Here you will find accessories like nowhere else on the island…rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces, many of these are statement pieces to wear and you will want to come back again! The Sand Dollar has a great online store too, for your fix when you are not in Holmes Beach: Sand Dollar.

The Hive Gifts and Arts

Once located in The Old Post Office Plaza of Anna Maria, The Hive is now one of the merchants of Bridge Street. Special selections of imported silver jewelry from Bali, Denmark, Italy, South Africa, and Tibet as well as locally hand-made jewelry will suit your individual personality.

Bridge Street Jewelers

Finally, the number one choice for jewelry shopping on Anna Maria Island is Bridge Street Jewelers.  They brought the first certified master jeweler and gemologist to the island and were the first to introduce the Anna Maria Island destination bracelets which are patented and trademarked. To coordinate with the destination jewelry line, they also have Anna Maria Island rings, earrings and pendants.  Bridge Street Jewelers also carries a selection of fine jewelry from diamond engagement rings to sapphire starfish earrings.

The Things that Locals Know! Weddings

Consider It Done Anna Maria Island

Whether you need help with organizing your professional space, planning an event, or need just someone to pick up the groceries; Consider It Done Anna Maria Island is the service you need.

Consider it Done Anna Maria Island

They offer services throughout Manatee and Sarasota Counties including Anna Maria Island residents and visitors. The staff is experienced, dependable and friendly offering a variety of professional services.

Ask about special island tours for your next trip too!

While visiting you can have groceries and other items delivered directly to your vacation rental. Just about anything you need for a perfect Anna Maria Island getaway you can find here.

Vacation Assistance:

Home Arrival Preparation
Pet Sitting
Wedding Assistance
Property Monitoring
Island Tours

Personal Assistance:

Grocery Shopping
Party and Event Planning
Home Organizing
Drop off and Pick up
Appointment Scheduling
Oversee home deliveries and maintenance appointments

Professional Assistance:

Customer/Employee Gift Buying
Oversee Business Deliveries
Meeting and Event Planning


When you visit Anna Maria Island for a vacation treat yourself to a luxury experience! Your family will thank you too!


Contact or call 941-896-4089 today and let Consider It Done help you today!

Anna Maria Shopping

Artist Guild of Anna Maria Island

The Artist Guild of Anna Maria Island has plenty of amazing pieces of art to be discovered. The gallery is  located in the Island Shopping center, the same plaza as The Feast and Small Town Creamery.

There is so much beautiful artwork displayed here, including; original fine art, watercolor, photography, sculptures, local writers books, custom jewelry, etc. A lot of the art shows off fabulous Anna Maria Island as well as our local seascapes.

They even offer different art workshops each month.  Visit their website for a calendar of events and the topic of choice for the month you plan to visit the island. What’s a better way of remembering your trip than with some artwork you made while you were there?

The Artist Guild is non-profit and run by volunteers.

Anna Maria Artist Guild

Island Shopping Center
5414 Marina Drive
Holmes Beach, Fl, 34217
(941) 778-6694



The Things that Locals Know!

Fishing Charter with Captain Ryan Taylor

Anna Maria island fishing charter with Captain Ryan Taylor is always lovely in the Fall!

Fishing Charter with Captain Ryan Taylor

Welcome to fall fishing! We are starting to feel it in the air. The past two weeks we have seen a persistence 10-15 knot north-east or east wind which has made fishing a challenge at times. The wind has made it especially tough going to get bait in the mornings. Most days from the time I pull out of my marina I’m faced a 2-3 tight chop of waves until I get on the gulf side of Anna Maria island where the bait has been. This is nice because the wind we have had has made it flat clam on the beach. Perfect for a Anna Maria island fishing charter with captain Ryan Taylor.

The Catch

Taking all that into account fishing had been very productive and some days have been epic! Fishing off the beaches of Anna Maria island the mackerel and king mackerel bite has been good. The best bite has been from 1 to 3 miles out. Just look for the birds.

Moving to inshore Snook bite has been awesome towards the end and beginning of the tide cycle. A large number of Snook have started their winter migration towards the back bays and rivers. Which has been great for as hard as the wind has been blowing. The back bays are protected from the wind.

Redfish bite has been hit or miss. Some day it’s every cast other days we only catch 4 or 5 in a trip. Like I said in my last report we have been catching Snook, Redfish and Trout all in the same spots. So most days we catch more redfish then Snook then the next day may be the opposite.

We have also been catching some really nice flounder and trout mixed in almost everyday.

If you’re in the Anna Maria Island Bradenton Sarasota or Tampa bay area and you are looking to go fishing, and catch some fish, give me a call Captain Ryan Taylor 941-812-7435 . Or if you are looking for a place to stay check out



The Things that Locals Know!

Fishing Anna Maria Island post Irma

The past weeks of fishing Anna Maria Island post Irma have been some of the best I have seen in a long time. Here around Anna Maria Island and Tampa bay area we saw 60-70mph winds and just a lot of rain. While we got slapped by the storm, Anna Maria Island and Tampa Bay are beautiful as ever going into Fall.

Fishing Anna Maria Island Post Irma

On October 1st the water temperature is around 85 degrees here. With all the fresh water we have had run into all our creeks and rivers it has really concentrated the Snook, Redfish, and Trout. It has been fall fishing at its finest. Bait is everywhere from the beaches of Anna Maria Island to almost every shore line in Tampa Bay. With a live well full of shiner/whitebait on most charters the last few weeks we will pull up. I will throw a bat of bait out and clients have been catching slot over slot Snook and redfish. Also some really nice trout all in the same spot one after another. It has been exciting to watch this because fishing Anna Maria Island is usually good but this has been phenomenal.

Where to fish?

I’m fishing around the mouths of the rivers and creeks of Tampa Bay, Sarasota Bay, and around the island. in the Fall I like to fish around the large schools of mullet in all of these areas in 2 to 4 foot of water. On the lower tides fish off of all the outside sandbars about 200 to 400 yards off the shore lines of Tampa Bay. That’s where you will find the big schools of Redfish in the Fall.

Premium Florida Fishing!

October and November fishing Anna Maria Island post Irma are some of the best months to go inshore fishing. If you’re Running out of ideas to entertain your clients give me a call. fishing is always a great idea! All you need to do is show up and I do the rest. If you’re just in the area, on vacation book your trip today for a great day out on the water with lots of site seeing as well. Your family wife kids they will love the experience I have three kids of my own and they always have a blast. I have been in this area all my life I know all these waters and historic parts that we will come up on. it’s an all in one outing.

In the Anna Maria Island, Tampa Bay, Sarasota, Bradenton areas I am here at your service. Book your trip with me Captain Ryan Taylor! While you are looking for a place to stay check out thanks for reading.

Cell: (941)812-7435



The Things that Locals Know!

Fishing anna maria island mid August

Fishing Anna Maria Island in mid August. The weather around here has been hot but not unbearable. Over the last few weeks we have had a land breeze in the morning and a sea breeze in the afternoon, making it more enjoyable.

Fishing Anna Maria Island in mid August.

After my last report I was hoping for more redfish to come around, and right after I wrote that report wouldn’t you know they showed up. Depending on tide and day we have been catching 10-50 redfish a trip. Fishing Anna Maria Island for Redfish give anglers a great fight being a better sport fish. They are one of my favorite fish to catch! When you find them and chum with live bait they usually eat every bait that hits the water. Most of the fish we are catching in 5-10 feet of water. Usually ranging from 18 inches to 30 inches, and these fish don’t give up. Catching schools of redfish from the mouth of the manatee river to Anna Maria Island. September and October are the best months to fish for redfish so don’t miss out on the action this fall.

Beyond Redfish

Fishing Anna Maria Island Snook remains strong and steady on good moving tides. Water temperature has come back up to 90 degrees and that’s hot. Most of the Snook will be fished for during the best tides with the strongest flow. Still being able to catch 10-30 a trip ranging from 20 inches to 35 inches. Snook season will open September 1st. There are still a lot of Snook on Anna Maria Island making their way back to shorelines of Tampa bay. Now is the time to book your trip to fish for slot size Snook 28 inches to 33 inches one per person per day.

Anna Maria Island Snapper fishing has still been a great for quick action and great table fare for clients looking to end a great day with a fish fry. We haven’t spent a lot of time targeting the snapper the last two weeks because most clients want to stick with the fast action of the redfish.

Don’t forget if you are in the Tampa bay Anna Maria island Sarasota longboat key give me a call to book your trip. If you need a place to stay check out

Thanks for reading, Captain Ryan Taylor


Cell (941) 812-7435



The Things that Locals Know!

Fishing Anna Maria Island Midsummer

Fishing Anna maria Island midsummer has still been a good one. The temperature has been hot but the bite has been hotter. So get ready!

Fishing Anna Maria Island Midsummer

Fishing Anna Maria Island starts with Bait early in the morning or in the middle of the day it doesn’t matter. Bait is everywhere from the mouth of the Manatee River to the beaches of Anna Maria Island. We are fishing with shiner or white day and you need a live-well before you start fishing to be able to Chum. If you don’t tell me a lot you won’t get those fish moving. I chum a lot to catch a mess of fish.


Snook fishing the past few weeks has been great! We are catching snook everywhere from the beaches of Anna Maria Island to almost every shoreline of Tampa Bay and Sarasota Bay. Snook have made a tremendous come back since the freeze of 2010.

Red Fish

Red fish fishing Anna Maria Island midsummer still is a little off for this area. Although we have still managed to catch a few on most charters. The last few weeks most of the redfish we are catching are 18 inches to 27 inches… “slot fish”.  I’m hoping we have some new schools of redfish show up in the next month because they are fun to catch.

The Trout and snapper bite has been excellent as well on Anna Maria Island. Most of the trout have been in 3 to 5 feet of water in Tampa Bay and the mouth of the Manatee River. Most of the trout we have been catching on sandy bottoms surrounding shallow grass. Trout are ranging from 17 inches to 23 inches. Snapper remains a staple for clients to take home since they are one of the most delicious fish of Tampa Bay to eat. Snapper that we are catching are 12 inches to 15 inches and it usually doesn’t take long to catch enough for dinner.

If you are in the Anna Maria Island, Bradenton, Tampa Bay, Sarasota, Longboat key area and looking for a place to stay please check out and  don’t forget to book your fishing trip with Captain Ryan.

Thank you so much for reading this is Captain Ryan and Taylor

you can reach me at 941-812-7435

email me at

or check out my website

The Things that Locals Know!

Fishing Tampa Bay

It has been a great summer fishing Tampa bay.  There is still plenty of larger bait around the range markers in Tampa Bay and Anna Maria Island. There’s lots of smaller “fry” bait  showing up everywhere from Sarasota to Anna Maria Island too.

Fishing Tampa Bay

The Tarpon (picture) season has come pretty much to an end over the past couple weeks. There are still a few Tarpon around if you’re looking to catch a late season Tarpon but your time is running out.

Fishing Tampa bay for Snook has been epic from every shoreline of Tampa Bay to the beaches of Anna Maria Island. Most of my trips are catching 30 to 50 Snook  with some nice mid 30 Inch snook mixed in.  Most of the fish were reeling in our ranging from 20 to 30 inches.

Now the red fish are starting to show up in Tampa Bay. We are catching most of the redfish first thing in the morning before the boat traffic picks up. Most of the Redfish are 20 to 30 inches with a few really big ones mixed in over 35 inches.

Trout fishing Tampa Bay has been in 5 to 8 feet of water in the grass patches that are around Anna Maria Island. This Summers mangrove snapper bite has started and will only get better over the next few weeks. They are some of the best eating fish around. Something I don’t talk about that much is flounder because it is kind of a bye catch we don’t target them that much.  Although over the last two weeks we have been catching several and they are delicious .

If you are looking to book a fishing trip and are near Anna Maria Island Bradenton longboat key Sarasota or Tampa bay Saint Pete area book with me  Captain Ryan Taylor.

Call or text fishing guide Captain Ryan Taylor 941-812-7435