Mackerel and Fishing Anna Maria City Pier

Fishing Anna Maria City Pier

It’s a good time to be fishing Anna Maria City Pier.  The Mackerel are running and have been present in spades.

Last evening we decided to take a quick ride up the island try fishing Anna Maria City Pier. Our favorite college team Penn State was ahead at half time, and our dinner still had another 45 minutes to finish in the oven.

Fishing Anna Maria City Pier? Buckets of Fin!

As we walked down the recently re-built pier we were greeted by lots of anglers fishing in the beautiful blue-green waters of the Tampa Bay.  The fisherman told us that the mackerel were biting and they were not kidding; there were buckets and buckets filled to the brim with fish.

It was such fun to see people of all ages, casting and catching fish…  Then we enjoyed a guitarist playing great Neil Young songs, one of which my husband requested and enjoyed.

As we listened and looked out over the lovely Gulf Of Mexico waters and the silhouette of the outstanding Skyway Bridge, we were, once again, amazed at the glory of this unbelievable place in which we have the privilege to live.

We walked back down the pier to return to our car. The setting sun highlighted the clouds in an amazing way as we reveled in the last of our fishing euphoria.  We talked about the fact that we too often neglect to take advantage of Anna Maria Island.  We got back home and ate a great dinner, just in time to watch our team win the game in the FOURTH overtime!